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Campaign Development

Lasting 1 month or 5 years, campaigns are all about storytelling. With experience in fundraising, ticket sales, subscription and institutional branding campaigns - we can develop strategies that fit your organization's size, resources and goals. Let us bring your story into greater clarity, and let that story help you achieve your goals.

Project Management

Building a new website? Rebranding? These projects need an outside eye to help guide you through the many pitfalls that await. Working smarter with data-driven decisions, let us help you ask the tough questions and make these unique projects work for you.

Social Media

Planning, execution and management. We can get the most out of your marketing budget and build the remarketing audience of your dreams. 

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About David

A NYC based arts marketer and strategist, I take the newest marketing trends and apply them to mission based companies. I have successfully built campaigns - surpassing earned and contributed income goals at Barrington Stage Company, The Flea Theater, Signature Theatre (NY) and MCC Theater.  A graduate of Indiana University, I hold a BA in Political Science, Theatre & Drama along with a Certificate in Arts Administration. 



Carol Ostrow
Producing Director,
The Flea Theater

"David developed marketing systems that increased our efficiency in building our audience and made it possible for The Flea to grow our programming without sacrificing the support that each single project needed or the unique identity of our theater."

Blake West
Executive Director,
MCC THeater

"David overhauled our subscription and single ticket pricing model with a data-based strategy that helped increase MCC’s revenue while broadening our base of subscribers and our single ticket buyer network. His work with us informed many key discussions and decisions during a time of fast growth and change for MCC." 


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